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You may have noticed that the FM band is crowded, with stations pretty much taking up every space from one end of the dial to the other.  FM 98.7. the Soul of Dayton, is limited in power by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.  We only wish we could crank up the power from our transmitter to a few thousand watts.  But we can't.  We are limited in power by the class of license that is granted to us by the FCC.


Any new station finding an open slot on the FM dial has to not interfere with all the stations that are already there.  Not all FM radios are created equal.  You'll probably notice that your car radio works better than those at home.  That is common, as a car radio has a decent outside antenna and gets a good signal that is not weakened by penetrating the structure of a building.  If your car radio isn't doing a good job, you may have to live with it.  Or buy a fancy new car with a better radio!  Maybe a Porsche, Mercedes Benz, or a Lexus? :<]


If your radio at home has an antenna connected to it, you have hope in improving reception......Some radios (typically boom boxes) have a rod antenna that extends out a couple of feet.  You generally get the best reception by fully extending the antenna, tune in 98.7, then rotating the antenna for best reception.  Home stereo systems usually have a tuner or a receiver that has a connection on the back for an FM antenna.  If you've already attached the antenna that came with the system, great!  If not, go find the box that the stereo came in, and look for the antenna that came with the system.


Don't have an antenna, but your system has a place to connect one?  Take note whether the connection is two screws (300-ohm) , or a screw on connector (75-ohm).  Then go to your local electronics supplier or big box store, and buy an appropriate antenna.  There is usually no need to buy the fancy expensive antenna that the salesperson may try to sell you.  A simple one that costs a few bucks will usually work fine. Home FM antennas usually come in the shape of a "T".  Connect it to your stereo.  Don't wad up the antenna and throw it behind the stereo!  But stretch out the "T" and find the best place to put the antenna that delivers the best reception.  You might be able to lay it stretched out on the floor.  You may have to put it on the wall.  You may have the tilt the antenna one way or the other.  Some listeners have noted that reception is better along one wall compared to another. Whatever works!


Thanks for listening to FM 98.7, the Soul of Dayton!

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